Actress Sanusha, who confronted and reported the man who molested her in a train recently, was honoured by State Police Chief Loknath Behera on Friday, at the Police Headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram. “Let this incident be a reminder to people that they should change their attitude towards someone in distress. They should think about others and not live only for themselves. We need co-existence in our society today, with both genders helping each other. Those who were with her that day should realise that they could have done something to help her. It could happen to your sister another day,” Behera said. Behera also complimented Sanusha’s parents — Santhosh and Usha. “This young girl has shown what courage and presence of mind can do and how to handle a crime. Her parents should be congratulated for bringing up a courageous daughter. I appreciate her on behalf of Kerala Police. I am proud of her and her parents. I also congratulate the two people who came forward to help her, a very sensible move. Let this be a beginning and hope she inspires other girls of her age,” he said.


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